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Professor Shiyong Huang won U40 Young Scientist Award from AAPPS-DPP

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2023-11-20 05:32:27

Recently, the 7th Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies - Division of Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP2023) Conference was held in Nagoya, Japan. At the opening ceremony of the conference, the list of the Young Researcher Award Winners was announced. Professor Shiyong Huang from the Space Data and Computing Center (SDCC) of the Space Physics Department of our school was awarded the "U40 Young Scientist Award" in recognition of his significant contributions to "understanding the magnetic structures and plasma waves during magnetic reconnection, the properties of plasma turbulence spanning from MHD to electronic scales, and the interplay between magnetic reconnection and plasma turbulence". He is the first young scholar in our school to receive this international honor award.

Professor Shiyong Huang has been engaged in space plasma research for a long time and has carried out effective cutting-edge exploration work, achieving a series of original scientific research results. He has published over 150 papers in well-known professional journals such as "Geophysical Research Letters", "Journal of Geophysical Research", "The Astrophysical Journal Letters", "The Astrophysical Journal", and has won multiple important awards both domestically and internationally. This includes the "Fu Chengyi Youth Science and Technology Award" from the Chinese Geophysical Society, the "Division Outstanding Young Scientist Award" from the European Geosciences Union, the "Outstanding Contribution to Cluster and Double Star missions" from the European Space Agency (ESA), and the "Sunanda and Santimay Basu International Early Career Award" from the American Geophysical Union.

It is reported that the Association of Asia Pacific Plasma Physics Society is affiliated with the Federation of Asia Pacific Physics Societies and is named alongside the American Plasma Physics Society and the European Plasma Physics Society, aiming to promote academic exchange and development in plasma physics in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific Plasma Physics Conference is physics oriented and provides interdisciplinary and in-depth exchanges and discussions between various fields of plasma physics and applications. More than 1000 researchers from China, Japan, India, South Korea, the United States, France, Germany, Australia, Belgium and other countries participated in this conference.

The Asia Pacific Plasma Physics Society Young Scientist Award was established in 2016 and is awarded annually to young researchers under the age of 40 who have made outstanding contributions in the field of plasma physics. It covers 7 fields including Fundamental plasma, Applied plasma, Magnetic Fusion plasma, Laser plasma, space/Geomagnetism plasma, and Solar/Astronomical plasma. Each field has one young scientific researcher who has won this award.