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Graduate Students from the ANTIS Laboratory of Our School Won the Championship in the Second China Content Technology Entrepreneurship Competition "AI Prediction Challenge of Microblog Popularity"

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2020-12-21 10:12:20

The awarding ceremony of the second China content technology entrepreneurship competition held by People Net and the Key State Laboratory of communication content cognition was held in Xiamen on December 19, 2020. With the guidance of Professor Jiang Hao, Zhao Xiaoyue, Zheng Cong and Yi Shuwen from the ANTIS Laboratory of our school won the championship of "AI prediction challenge of microblog popularity" . And Ye Zhenzhen who is the chairwoman of the People Net gave awards.
The specific contents of the competition are as follows. According to the mainstream values of Weibo sample users, the original blog content is created. The prediction model is established based on the training set data which is to predict the number of likes, comments and forwards of the sampled users in the test set. The team used natural language processing, neural network and information dissemination model to conduct user portrait, multi-source modal information processing and information fusion. And the team used the optimized Bert model to predict the content dissemination process. Finally it achieved 82.78% accuracy rate on five categories of data sets.
This algorithm challenge competition reflects the broad application prospects of artificial intelligence technology in the field of social computing, and promotes the interdisciplinary and integration.