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Advanced Functional Materials Published a Metasurface Research Paper of Zheng Guoxing’s Group

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2020-12-10 09:05:27

Recently, Advanced Functional Materials (IF = 16.8) officially published a research paper of Professor Zheng Guoxing's group, which is the first time that our school has published research papers in the top journal of materials.
The research paper entitled "A Single-Celled Tri-Functional Metasurface Enabled with Triple Manipulations of Light" is the first time to realize the independent manipulation of spectral, polarization and phase of light, merely with a single-cell nanostructured design approach. As a result, a "three-in-one" multifunctional meta-device that can simultaneously display a structural-color image, a continuous-gray image and holographic image is designed and experimentally verified. The triple-manipulation of light with single-cell nanostructures expands the degrees of freedom for optical manipulation, and provides a highly-integrated, high information density, multi-functional metasurface design method, and has broad application prospects in information encryption, high-density image storage and display, optical anti-counterfeiting and other related fields.
The first author of the paper is Miss Dai Qi, a Ph.D. student in physical electronics, and the collaborators include the School of Physics and Technology of our university, Wuhan Institute of Posts and technology, and the University of Birmingham, UK. They are respectively responsible for the support of processing platform, testing and co-writing papers. It is reported that this achievement has been officially elected as the "top ten progress of China's optics" in 2020.
                                                Schematic illustration of a “three-in-one” meta-device for tri-manipulation of light

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