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The 2019 Summer International Course and Overseas Training Project Experience Exchange Meeting was Held in our School

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2019-09-23 03:31:00

At the afternoon, September 17, "International Courses and Exchange of Experience Overseas Training Project Summer 2019" was held at the conference room 303. College party co-members and teach Steering Committee members attended the meeting, and it was organized by Associate Dean He Saixian.
At the meeting, three assistant teachers Yi Benshun, Chen Zhangyou and Xiao Jinsheng gave a detailed report on the summer international course in the third semester of this year. They conducted in-depth exchanges on the content of the course, the progress of the course, and feedback from students. In the meeting, College party secretary and Dean Li Deshi pointed out that the third international summer semester courses are to provide a good platform for our teachers and students, the overseas teacher lively teaching style, strict attitude guidance, advanced concept of education is worth learning by us.
The third international summer school in our school invited academician Reinhard Klette from New Zealand Institute of Technology, Professor Johannes Benedikt from Cardiff University and Associate Professor Yinong Chen from Arizona State University to teach international courses including Image Processing and Machine Vision, RF Circuits and Embedded System Design. Teaching in English in all courses allows our students to have access to advanced foreign educational concepts, state of the art knowledge of the industry and diversified ways of thinking in our own country. Meanwhile, through the teaching and observation of teachers in the course group, it also provides us valuable reference. The International Summer School is also open to foreign universities, this year three students from ENSEA came to our college for summer courses and laboratory research internship.
At the meeting the leading teacher of the project, Yang Jianfeng, introduced the summer exchange program of the Imperial College, including practical courses and different kinds of extracurricular, which benefited every student. During the summer vacation, our students have made great progress in their professional knowledge and life skills by attending major universities such as the University of California, Berkeley, Cardiff University, the University of Sydney and Columbia University.
In order to further demonstrate the style of overseas study of our students and share the experience of studying in prestigious schools, our institute held a special evaluation meeting for the scholarship on September 12th. The judges attending the jury included the Vice Dean, He Saixian, Vice Dean Chen Hongbo, Professor Xu Xin and Ma Jiayi from Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Professor He Pingan, Wang Quande and Zhao Chen from Department of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor Ni Binbin and Huang Shiyong from Department of Space Physics. The meeting was held in four classrooms at the same time, students participated the exchange project of famous universities had comprehensive display of the summer participation projects and learning experiences in turn. After the students' self-presentation, the judges will conduct professional questions and gain a deeper understanding of the content and significance of the exchange project. A total of 54 students at the review meeting summarized and exchanged experiences on their own exchange projects. The students expressed that they had learned a lot from the overseas famous schools in the summer, and fully realized the diversity of foreign teaching and expected more overseas visits to further promote the internationalization of our school.