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Chen Haole, a PhD student in our college, was selected into the outstanding Chinese and foreign youth exchange program of the China Association for Science and Technology

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2019-12-04 11:06:27

Recently, the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) officially announced the list of selected outstanding Chinese and foreign youth exchange program of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology in 2019 [Science and Technology Group Letter No. (2019) No. 293]. After recommendation and application, formal examination, expert evaluation and other links, Chen haole, a Ph.D. candidate of our institute, was selected successfully.
Chen Haole is a member of the Advanced Network Technology and Intelligent System Lab of our institute, and his tutor is Professor Li Deshi. He is engaged in the research of UAV communication networks and energy harvesting systems. Chen Haole has published 5 SCI papers and served as a reviewer of journals and conferences such as digital signal processing and IEEE Access, and was awarded the excellent graduate student of Wuhan University in 2018-2019.
The "China Association for science and technology excellent youth exchange program" established by CAST aims to cultivate a group of strategic scientific and technological talents with international level and leading talents in science and technology, support young scientific and technological talents to carry out short-term visits and exchanges in foreign universities, research institutions and laboratories, carry out academic research together with international peers, and promote youth science and technology talents come to the forefront of international science and technology, broaden the international scientific and technological vision, grasp the general trend of world science and technology, further help to grow into talents, and build a national reserve team of high-level scientific and technological innovation talents. It is reported that in 2019, the Youth Exchange Program nationwide determined a total of 225 selected candidates, Wuhan University has only one successful candidate, that is Chen haole.