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The 8th Symposium on Marine Environment Monitoring and Forecasting Technology for Cross Straits held at Wuhan University

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2019-11-06 04:33:15

The 8th Symposium on Marine Environment Monitoring and Forecasting Technology for Cross Straits was held recently at Wuhan University. About 150 experts and scholars from over 30 universities, research institutions, Bureaus and companies, including the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, Marine Meteorology Center of the Central Weather Bureau, National Sun Yat-sen University, and National Central University attended the event. During the seminar, up to 52 oral reports were made, meanwhile 43 posts were displayed.
This seminar was co-sponsored by Wuhan University, Xiamen University, National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service and National Central University at Taiwan, China.
Wu Ping, the vice-chancellor of Wuhan University, delivered a speech. She introduced the history and the development of Wuhan University and reviewed the extensive and far-reaching educational exchanges and cooperation between Wuhan university and the universities in Chinese Taiwan. She pointed out that the seminar provided a platform of studying and discussing for scholars from Chinese Taiwan and Chinese Mainland, and would promote further cooperation.
Professor Hong Huasheng and Huang Bangqing from Xiamen University, together with Shi Xiaoyong (chief engineer of the National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service of the Ministry of Natural Resources), Chien Hwa (director of the Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences, National Central University), and Gao Jiajun (professor of National Cheng Kung University) addressed the opening ceremony.
Academician Chen Dake from the Second Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources/Guangdong Laboratory of marine science and engineering, South China (Zhuhai) gave one keynote lecture entitled “Marine Monitoring and Forecasting System in Dawan District ”. In addition, Professor Zhu Yanxiang from the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University gave the other keynote lecture entitled “The Development of Ocean Radar Telemetry Technology in Taiwan, China”.
Lectures focused on five topics  including “Frontiers and Progresses in Marine Science”, “Development and Application of Ocean Numerical Models and Forecasting Technologies”, “The Development and Application of Observation Technologies for Marine Radar and Telemetry”, “Biogeochemistry and Ecological Disasters of the Marine Environment” and “Big Data Application and Disaster Management of Marine Ecological Environment”.
After the reporting section, experts and scholars also exchanged their views on cooperation in marine environmental monitoring and forecasting.
The Symposium on Marine Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting Technology for Cross Straits was initiated in 2009 by marine scientists from cross Strait. It was hosted on a rotating basis, with the aim of enhancing the research and application capabilities of marine environmental monitoring and forecasting technologies from cross Strait, improving the capacity of disaster prevention and mitigation, providing ecological security for economic development, and benefiting the people from cross Strait. It is an important platform for academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation in the field of marine environmental monitoring and forecasting technology.