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Frontier Academic Lecture Announcement

Author:Administrator Source:website Time:2018-05-22 03:16:22

Topic :
Joint Trajectory and User Scheduling Optimization for Dual-UAV Enabled Secure Communications
Speaker : CAI, Yunlong (IEEE Senior Member)  
Associate professor of College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering at Zhejiang Universtiy  
Time : 3:30pm   Thursday, May 24, 2018
Place : 303 Conference Room in Electronic and Information School 

Abstract : 
    In this work, we address joint optimization of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) trajectories and user communication scheduling for a dual-UAV enabled secure communication system, where one UAV moves around to communicate with multiple users on the ground in a time division multiple access (TDMA) mode while the other UAV in the area flies to jam the eavesdroppers on the ground to protect communications of the desired users. Specifically, we maximize the minimum worst case secrecy rate among the users within each period by jointly adjusting UAV trajectories and user scheduling under the maximum UAV speed constraints, the UAV return constraints, the UAV collision avoidance constraints, and the discrete binary constraints on user scheduling variables. Since the resulting optimization problem is very challenging due to its highly nonlinear objective function and nonconvex constraints, we first transform this problem into a more tractable form. In particular, the discrete binary constraints are equivalently converted to a number of equality constraints. We then develop a novel joint optimization algorithm based on the penalty concave-convex procedure (P-CCCP) technique to solve the resultant problem. The simulation results show that the proposed joint optimization algorithm achieves significantly better performance than the conventional algorithms.